Little Differences

We are enjoying our time here so far! So happy to see people and share about our lives in Kazakhstan! Avinelle and I are ecstatic about each Target trip (3 times already for Charity 😂) and of course you can see how Andrew feels about it! 😝

Here are some bullet points of things we’ve noticed coming back to this side of the world:

  • Andrew forgets he can take a right on red in the US. (No one has honked yet!)
  • We all immediately take our shoes off upon entering a home or apartment, hotel room, etc. (And find it weird when others leave their shoes on)
  • Avi doesn’t understand why the toilets here A) Are SO loud B) Automatically flush! (Poor thing it freaks her out)
  • Speaking of toilets- she asks almost everywhere we go if the toilet paper can go in the toilet or not (common in Kazakhstan to put it in the trash)
  • The traffic is not bad at all anywhere we’ve been so far compared to Almaty (city of 2 million people)
  • We feel we need to have a cup of tea (or two) throughout the day or post meal or during dessert since we are so used to tea in Kazakhstan

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