Central Asian Food Series: Lagman

Talk about another one of my favorite dishes! The lagman (pronounced Logmon short vowels) dish is originating from the Uyghur (pronounced Weegrr) minority people group (they mostly live in Northwest China but there are many that live across Central Asia). This dish, as you can see, is primarily a noodle dish. These noodles are different than most noodle dishes as they are hand pulled. They are thick and long. We can find this dish in most restaurants and some places (like Uyghur specific restaurants) you can order the dish spicy. The dish can be more like a soup or like here it is pan fried, the latter is our favorite way to eat it. It almost always has meat in it, and usually bell peppers (this one has scrambled egg on top, too). Both our kids like the noodles. We have not attempted to make this dish at home. And I think the process of making the noodles is quite extensive. Although, I have seen bags of uncooked noodles in the cold section of the store (they are wet and soft) that you can buy and just boil to be ready to make the dish easily. I would eat lagman every week… ok maybe twice a week. 😍

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