Brains Like Sponges

While we were away for a week, Avinelle and Eloise stayed with different friends, we know they were hearing and speaking a lot more Russian. (Probably some Kazakh for Eloise, too!) After returning, both of them responded a lot more to us in Russian the first few days. Now of course we primarily speak English Read more about Brains Like Sponges[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Kumis & Shubat

Okay… while this isn’t food, it is a big one here in Kazakhstan!!! It’s fermented horse milk! Yes, people drink it here often. Shubat is camel’s milk. Both are similar to kefir. Quite sour. The above pic is from when I was at a neighbor’s house a few weeks back and I totally drank (kumis) Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Kumis & Shubat[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Doner (Kebab)

Ahhhh doner. One of the cheapest, on-the-go food you can get here. There are doner shops everywhere! Andrew loves this food and it is not something I eat often myself (they put french fries INSIDE the wrap-yuck lol. Doner is kebab meat (cooked on a vertical rotisserie) put inside with fresh salad type veggies and Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Doner (Kebab)[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Beshbarmark

This is not a photo of Beshbarmark (sounds like Bishparmark) from one we have eaten here, we have forgotten to take photos HAH! This national dish is very traditional to Kazakhstan (And Kyrgyzstan and a couple of other Central Asian, Turkic specific countries). It is typically made all with the same water in a very Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Beshbarmark[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Lagman

Talk about another one of my favorite dishes! The lagman (pronounced Logmon short vowels) dish is originating from the Uyghur (pronounced Weegrr) minority people group (they mostly live in Northwest China but there are many that live across Central Asia). This dish, as you can see, is primarily a noodle dish. These noodles are different Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Lagman[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Shashlik

Oh my, this is by far one of my favorite things to eat here in Almaty. It’s typically pretty cheap. BUT, just need to make sure you have enough time to wait for them to grill (basically barbecue) it. Most restaurants that serve it will have a special outdoor grilling area just for shashlik. This Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Shashlik[…]