Childhood Books and Stuffed Animals

While the above picture depicts some children’s books and stuffed animals, our girls have THREE TIMES this amount! We have implemented the “switching out” method where we take blankets, some toys, puzzles, coloring books, stuffed animals and books and store them away in 3 containers and swap them out weekly. This is a great method Read more about Childhood Books and Stuffed Animals[…]

Grimy Little Hands

This blog isn’t necessarily about living in Kazakhstan, but Mom of littles unite from any place around the world, haha ✊🏻!! So in the above picture can you see the little tiny fingerprints? This is the door to our back porch. I have a housekeeper that comes once a week to help me clean (amazing Read more about Grimy Little Hands[…]

The Birth Story of Eloise Ann Fisk

The short version of Eloise Ann Fisk’s birth story. First, some background- we found out early November we were pregnant and shortly after we actually thought we lost her. From that moment God spoke over her “Fighter”. (we didn’t know yet she was a girl until two months later) We found out it was a Read more about The Birth Story of Eloise Ann Fisk[…]

The Little Things

We are in a whirlwind constantly of life over here- Russian language, Avi in preschool, meetings, working on prep and funding for the new greenhouse, current greenhouse happenings, stuff with friends, stuff with Church, the list goes on and on! But this morning after our language lesson Andrew and I were on our way to Read more about The Little Things[…]