Brains Like Sponges

While we were away for a week, Avinelle and Eloise stayed with different friends, we know they were hearing and speaking a lot more Russian. (Probably some Kazakh for Eloise, too!) After returning, both of them responded a lot more to us in Russian the first few days. Now of course we primarily speak English Read more about Brains Like Sponges[…]

Grimy Little Hands

This blog isn’t necessarily about living in Kazakhstan, but Mom of littles unite from any place around the world, haha ✊🏻!! So in the above picture can you see the little tiny fingerprints? This is the door to our back porch. I have a housekeeper that comes once a week to help me clean (amazing Read more about Grimy Little Hands[…]

The Birth Story of Eloise Ann Fisk

The short version of Eloise Ann Fisk’s birth story. First, some background- we found out early November we were pregnant and shortly after we actually thought we lost her. From that moment God spoke over her “Fighter”. (we didn’t know yet she was a girl until two months later) We found out it was a Read more about The Birth Story of Eloise Ann Fisk[…]