Central Asian Food Series: Manti

Once again, the above picture is not mine. 🙈 Most Central Asian (and any Asian for that matter) countries have their form of Manti, also known as samsa. This is definitely a national, staple dish here. It is a boiled or steamed dumpling. (Our friends baked them and called them “samsa” so maybe it’s a different Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Manti[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Doner (Kebab)

Ahhhh doner. One of the cheapest, on-the-go food you can get here. There are doner shops everywhere! Andrew loves this food and it is not something I eat often myself (they put french fries INSIDE the wrap-yuck lol. Doner is kebab meat (cooked on a vertical rotisserie) put inside with fresh salad type veggies and Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Doner (Kebab)[…]

Central Asian Food Series: Beshbarmark

This is not a photo of Beshbarmark (sounds like Bishparmark) from one we have eaten here, we have forgotten to take photos HAH! This national dish is very traditional to Kazakhstan (And Kyrgyzstan and a couple of other Central Asian, Turkic specific countries). It is typically made all with the same water in a very Read more about Central Asian Food Series: Beshbarmark[…]