Little Silverfish

So it’s always interesting in other countries when it comes to bugs and Andrew and I have both had our fair share of crazy bugs in various countries. I am happy to report that in Almaty specifically (I can’t say the same for the rest of Kazakhstan) that we don’t have any crazy large or scary bugs (I don’t do well with bugs) What we DO have is the above, silverfish. They are about half and inch to an inch (13-25 cm) long. These are harmless nocturnal insects, fast boogers that skitter around on namely our bathroom floors. The crazy thing is, the females lay around 60 eggs at a time in dark crevices (like behind the panels in our tub or toilet area) and they appear to “multiply” like crazy! They have been in this apartment (we didn’t have them in our first apartment) since we have moved in. I regularly am stomping on them or grabbing TP to smoosh them and throw them away. I’ve even recruited Avinelle to kill them! 😂 Sometimes if we leave clothes on the floor, they come skittering out (we always shake lol). They feed off of starchy stuff like adhesive, paper, carpet, clothing (even dandruff and hair yuck!) but they can live up to a year without food as long as there is water. Anyways, the only danger to us is maybe getting clothes or photos/books ruined, but we kill them enough to keep it under control. (Plus we don’t keep paper in the bathrooms really besides TP which is fastened on the walls) There is your “scientifical” facts about our crazy bugs in Almaty, hah! I’m curious- I have never seen these in the States, anyone who reads this blog that has seen these in the US, let me know??!?!?!?!

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  • We had them in Socorro when I was in high school, along with scorpions and child-of-the-earth(another ugly bug). The Bugman, who writes in Albuquerque, says you can control them with baby food jars partially filled with flour. You can contact him at He also says you can control cockroaches with beer and duct tape, head lice with salt water and a hair dryer, and a few other nontoxic remedies. I’d imagine you could use any little container instead of the jars to capture and smother them. (?)

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