Just Remove The Gate

Shortly after we moved into our house, there was a lot of electricity being turned off from some construction down the road. One afternoon it wasn’t coming back on and the gate for Andrew to drive out of our property is only run on electricity, and there is no back up manual way to open it. 😜 It was coming close to time for Andrew to leave to go pick up Avinelle from school. Thankfully our landlady’s son was here and they had the idea to just unhinge and remove the gate. Now “just remove the gate” would not have been able to be done Andrew by himself, or even me helping! They are heavy gates. But seriously, I never would have thought of unhinging the gates to get the car out, but it worked! Oh the things we do when needed!

1 thought on “Just Remove The Gate

  • Always have a manual way of opening any window or door. I hope that can be fixed to happen and electricity to do the heaving lifting in the normal events. Hugs

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