Almaty- Such A Beautiful City!

I just want to boast about the beautiful city we live in! Autumn is in full swing, and I believe it will be over soon as we have snow in the forecast next week. But seriously guys, they take SUCH pride in their city! There are constant street cleanings, street/sidewalk sweepers (pic below of their “brooms”), and the raking up of leaves.

They even have these flower pots all over the city they change out every month to coincide with the season (we shall see if this keeps up through the winter??) It is a very lovely and refreshing change to be in a city that actually has TREES, like LOTS of them with changing colors and we get to enjoy them, and it SMELLS like autumn, too!!!! Even on the gray days here I enjoy them, gray days typically means rain, and the rain smells wonderful. I mean where we are from in Colorado, typically rain does not last all day. I like it when the rain here lasts all day. (As of yet we have not experienced days on end type of raining, just a day here or there type of rain). We also got to go to the mountains not too far from the city and went on a little hike with our local friends! We even were in snow. We love that we can see the mountains every day from our apartment. Despite the pollution, (which we hope will continually dissipate) it is a gorgeous place and the mountain views remind us so much of Colorado!

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  • It’s fall in Albuquerque and time to bake bread and crackpot meals so we can enjoy those hikes outside our neighborhood. Most of my life, I’ve lived where I can see mountains. I don’t have trouble knowing which direction is north and that God’s creations are always more magnificent than man’s. More blessings from God, right?

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